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Youth Of Tomorrow History

Yot started in 1998. Ian and Rob used to play together a lot and they came up with the idea of starting a band together. They found a singer (Jesse) who came up with the name The Youth Of Tomorrow. After that they asked their friend Joe to play drums. He said ok and the band was started. Joe was kicked out and James became the new drummer. Now the line up was Jesse-vocals, Ian-guitar, Rob-Bass, and James-drums. After a few practices a friend (Spencer) that played the keyboard was added. Spencer quit soon after he joined. Then they had an idea of having another guitarist. That's when Gary joined the band. The next practice a 3 song demo was recorded. It sounded like crap, but we were happy to have something. Spencer joined the band again, but we kicked him out because the sound didn't go with our music. The line up has remained the same since then - Jesse-Vocals, Ian-Guitar and Back Up Vocals, Gary-Guitar and Back Up Vocals, Rob-Bass, and James-Drums. Our first show was at our eighth grade dance. It was an awesome first show seeing that 300 people watched. Since then we have played at paries and at The Newtown Teen Center.

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